War Field

War Field

Battle Games is a fun outdoor activity for youths and adults in which two or more groups engage in mock medieval combat using padded weapons. The goal is to work as a team to eliminate your opponent with melee weapons such as a sword, spear, or other hand held weapons, that might have existed in medieval times. We also allow ranged weapons such as bows that shoot padded arrows, throwing axes, and other equipment designed to hit safely at a distance.  You will need to use your imagination with some props, to help keep the game in budget. For example, our castles has four foot walls built out of scaffolding and painted tarps,  but they represent the battlements on 50’ stone walls that would be difficult to construct for weekend events. The host of the game will explain a prop if it is not obvious to players. 

How to get started

Just Show Up: If you want to try out a Battle Game for the first time, simply show up and the staff will teach you the rules and provide loaner gear at no cost.  We recommend footwear with good traction, comfortable clothes and no jewelry as it can entangle, get broken or lost.  If you do not have a costume, please wear muted clothing such as black pants and t-shirts with no logo to reduce the distraction of modern clothing.  Gearing Up: Although we have loaner equipment for players, most people will eventually buy or make their own gear, after they have been to a few games. It’s easy and inexpensive to make your first set of weapons and costumes. We provide basic guidelines on how to build weapons that will pass our safety requirements as well as suggested costume patterns.  We also encourage vendors to sell costumes and equipment that you might want at our events.


You may play as an individual or form a fighting unit with your friends. Fighting units must have a designated leader, a minimum of two additional players that all have a distinct look and banner.  Units provide their own gear and may be mercenaries or align themselves with a faction.

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