The War Begins

Running a country isn’t easy.  Keeping a large royal family happy is even worse.  The fourth son of the King’s brother has returned from military service on the borders and now, fancying himself a skilled leader of men, has decided that he should hold a command position in the army.  His record during service makes the request impossible to brush off, but the current commander’s proven ability precludes an easy appointment. What’s a King to do other than pit them against each other in a winner-takes-all brawl to the finish?

In a series of exercises in an old fort renovated into two castle faces, the question of leadership will be resolved.


Join Us

Come to All’s Faire and join our knights, archers, and pikemen in the fighting between two castles in actual combat for 4 hours of interactive war!  Join the battle and fight your opponents in melee, block incoming arrows with your shield, charge the gates and take over the opposing castle for victory!

On your way to the battle – or if that’s just not to your tastes – you can visit merchants, blacksmiths and craftspeople, the purveyors of custom jewelry, leather, steel and more!  While you explore the site, you can enjoy excellent food, live music, dancing and theatre, participate in archery competitions, dueling classes and tournaments, or watch the excitement from the beer garden. There’s plenty for the younger ones as well – a magic show, jugglers, crafts, games, kids archery and face painting.


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