Join us for a weekend of Music, Dance, Combat, Kid’s Activities and Shopping.

Join Us

Come to All’s Faire and join our knights, archers, and pikemen in the fighting between two factions in actual combat for 2 days of interactive war!  Join the battle and fight your opponents in melee, block incoming arrows with your shield, charge the gates and take over the castle for victory!

Enjoy the battles and you can visit merchants, blacksmiths and craftspeople.  While you explore the site, you can enjoy excellent food, live music, and dancing, participate in archery competitions, dueling classes and tournaments, or watch the excitement from the beer garden. There’s plenty for the younger ones as well –  jugglers, crafts, games, kids archery and face painting.


Main Stage

Visit the main stage and enjoy live performances by local folk bands and watch tribal and belly dancing in medieval tavern open to all ages.


War Field

Our  castle surrounded by artists, craftsmen and merchants are separated by a field of battle in which two factions compete for dominance. The final conflict will be settled with a two day castle battle with archers, knights, vikings, and mercenaries from around the land.



After a battle well fought, a treasure now found or a long road traveled. Come celebrate and rest your bones at the Tavern. Lords, ladies and louts all welcome.

Training Camp

Learn to be deadly or sharpen your skills at the training camp. We will train you in the use of a long sword and get you ready to join us on the battle field.

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