2018 Featured Entertainers

Rogues’ End

​Prepare yourself for a wild time with Rogues’ End

The Celtic, Pirate, Mythpunk, Steampunk band that you will thoroughly enjoy!



Celt Check

Celt Check! is a dynamic family quartet with Gareth Davis on lead guitars and vocals, Darcy Davis on recorder and vocals, Ari Stolar on bodhran and percussion, and Finn McFaire on 12-string, whistles, and vocals. Providing ‘full frontal harmonies’, our song list varies from authentic Celtic ballads to toe-tapping tavern pieces. Sweet and gentle to rolickin’ and raucous, Celt Check! does it all!


Twisted Knickers

Take a Young Gun from Vegas, an old Hippie from Portland, the Mysterious Doctor Soda, and a Lovely Siren, mix in a bunch of Irish Drinking Songs, Dr Demento Novelty Records, and Original Material and what do you get? Twisted Knickers! Coming to you with a mix of Family Friendly silliness to Late-Night Cable Raunchiness, we guarantee you’ll have fun!

Mas Uda Dancers

Mas Uda Dancers, from the Olympia area, are known for the fun they have on stage (and off!)  They meet on Thursday evenings at the Woman’s club of Olympia.  The group encompasses all ages, occupations and dance levels.  They dance for the fun it brings to them and to their audience and they have become friends through their dance. 


Troupe Rashaad

Troupe Rashaad, based in Thurston County, has entertained audiences around Puget Sound for over 30 years.  These belly dancers incorporate a wide range of cross-regional moves with musical inspiration from traditional and modern Middle Eastern, pop, classical, and a little bit of country.  



All’s Faire Players

Will be holding “Court” in the morning and evenings and will be doing a performance during the day.




Castle Black

This year’s All’s Faire features several fast paced battles in a four hour war with two opposing castles.  We are using a cross-gaming version of the Belegarth rules, that highlights the flavor of the different communities through a simple “Perks” system.  Perks will allow to perform familiar feets such as wearing armor, using tower shields, and healing companions.

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