Vendor Rules

The term “Vendor” herein shall apply to Vendors, Food Concessionaires, Exhibitors and Demonstrators. Failure to abide by the following rules and regulations may result in removal of any exhibit, show or concession from the event site, and/or result in denial of future space.

  1. All parties to this agreement shall comply with all pertinent laws, rules and ordinances of the State, County, City of the event and the Rules and Regulations governing the event. Such laws, ordinances, rules and regulations are expressly made a part of this agreement.
  2. The entire operation of the Event shall be under the authority & management of the Event management. Vendor shall abide by management decisions for the duration of the event. All decisions made by the Event Management are final.
  3. This agreement is a license to use a designated space for a specific and limited use, and for only the time specified.
  4. Vendor shall not assign, sublease, or apportion the whole or any part of assigned space unless first obtaining written permission of the Event. The right to operate a booth on the event site is nontransferable and is nonproprietary.
  5. In case of acts of God, exigencies of war, threats of terrorism, or an elevated national state of alert due to terrorist acts, or emergencies, or weather conditions necessitating the canceling of this event for the date herein named, the Event may cancel this contract and refund any monies paid in advance, with no further liability to Vendor.
  6. All property taken into the event site by Vendor is taken at the Vendor’s own risk. The Event shall not be responsible for any loss due to damage from fire, theft, windstorm, repossession, or from any other cause whatsoever.
  7. All material and equipment belonging to Vendor must be removed from event site by designated time. Items not removed, will be considered to be abandoned and become the property of the Event, who shall dispose of them in any manner it deems necessary at Vendor’s expense.
  8. All exhibits, booths, decorations, and products may be subject to safety inspections by local authorities.
  9. Vendor agrees to keep space free of trash, paper or refuse and shall use containers so designated.
  10. No visible alcoholic beverages are permitted on event site during “public hours”.
  11. Sale of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms are strictly prohibited.
  12. All pets must be on a leash and controlled by owner at all times.
  13. Unbecoming conduct (nudity, use of profane, obscene, abusive or threatening language) by Vendor, shall be grounds for termination of Vendor’s agreement for use of space and eviction from event site with no refund to be made.
  14. The Event reserves the right to remove from the event site any exhibit, show or concession, or any part thereof, which the Event deems objectionable, with no refund to be made.
  15. Vendor expressly waives any claims for damages against the Event in the event this agreement is cancelled for violation of any of the provisions hereof; Vendor in such case shall not be entitled to any refund of monies paid to the Event. Vendor waives all claims of whatsoever nature against the Event, its officers, employees or agents.
  16. Demonstrations, presentations & drawings for prizes are subject to the approval and regulation of the Event Management.

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