Volunteers are needed throughout All’s Faire     

 Volunteers are the unsung heroes of our event. The average attendee may not realize that all of the staff working this event are actually working on a volunteer basis. Why? Volunteers are often passionate about what they are doing or at least the reason why they are doing it. That is why they are willing to freely give their time. 

Volunteer Positions

The following are entry-level positions available at All’s Faire, we have other positions available for those with unique talents. 

Mercenary Guild ~ Historically mercenaries were soldiers for hire that may change sides based on pay.  At All’s Faire, the mercenary guild trains and provides equipment to the public as well as balancing the teams on the war field. The tasks include:

    • Warrior ~ Fight on the battle field for a team of our choosing.
    • Trainer ~ Experienced fighter help train the public to ensure that they understand the rules and will be safe on the war field.
    • Marshal ~ Help with equipment checking, rule enforcement, and medical.
    • Armory ~ Inspect equipment that fighters bring to the event and check out loaner equipment.

The Watch ~ Towns relied on the city watch to ensure the safety of its citizens. All’s Faire relies on the watch to enforce event rules and assist our guests. The tasks include:

    • Security ~ Ensure that attendees are following event rules and identify safety hazards. Tasks may include such things as Id checkers and bouncers for the tavern or limiting access to restricted areas.
    • Parking ~ Direct guest to available parking stalls
    • Gate ~ Greet guests and take fees.

Tavern ~ Taverns were often the social hub of thriving communities.  All’s Faire’s tavern is a place for gathering, playing games, listening to storytellers, enjoy song and danceOur tavern is 14 and up and caters to a family friendly environment. The tasks include:

    • Dashers ~ Deliver food from the food vendors to the tavern guests.
    • Bar Back ~ Change kegs, clean tables, replenish ice, empty trash and other support tasks.
    • Tavern Games ~ Gamers that want to bring a game to set up and players to encourage public participation.
    • Color ~ Dress in good looking costuming and interact with the public. An example would be bar wenches, storytellers and patrons.

Steward ~ In medieval times, castles and large households were run by the Steward.  At All’s Faire, the Stewards are responsible for managing the behind the scenes operations which ensure that the event runs smoothly.  This is an ideal position for those that want to contribute to the event without directly interacting with the public. The tasks include:

    • Setup/Teardown Crews ~ Setup crew will help with unloading the trucks, marking the parking lot, setting up the vendors area, building the castle, putting up signs and decorations, setting up the kitchen.  Teardown crew will take down the castle, remove decorations and signs, pack the kitchen, pick up parking lot markers, and pack the trucks.
    • Clean Up Crew ~ Empty full trash cans, replace trash bags, take full trash bags to the dumpster and pick up litter in the public area during the public hours.
    • Back Office ~ Checking in and answering the questions of staff, vendors and volunteers, as well as other office duties.
    • Courier and Runners ~

Heralds ~ Heralds have been employed by kings and large landowners, principally as messengers and ambassadors. Heralds at All’s Faire create content and disseminate information to the public.

    • Announcer ~ Announce programming schedules and messages.
    • Information Booth ~ Answer questions and give directions to the public.
    • Photographer ~ Take pictures at events
    • Social Media ~ Create social content and/or moderate social outlets
    • Marketing ~ Photo shoots and generation of promotional material

How to become a Volunteer

The first step to becoming a volunteer is to complete the Volunteer Application.  Then you will be contacted by the Volunteer Coordinator to help place you in the most appropriate position. Before the event, you will receive a confirmation of your volunteer schedule.

Although, we encourage volunteers to apply prior to the event to take advantage of the volunteer camping, if you are at the event and would like to volunteer, you can check in at the Tavern and see what opportunities are available.

Expectations of a Volunteer

  • Volunteers shall wear appropriate costumes during event hours. If you do not have an appropriate costume, wear dark clothing and we can provide a tabard/baldric for you to wear. Some positions, such as security, may require a tabard/baldric to be worn.
  • Be punctual, polite, friendly, clean and sober.
  • Youths 14 and older are allowed to volunteer with parental involvement.
  • Check in with the coordinator at the Tavern, 15 minutes before your shift.

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