Volunteers are needed throughout All’s Faire     

 Volunteers are the unsung heroes of our event. The average attendee may not realize that all of the staff working this event are actually working on a volunteer basis. Why? Volunteers are often passionate about what they are doing or at least the reason why they are doing it. That is why they are willing to freely give their time. 

  • Day of Event ~ If you are at the event and have some spare time you would like to donate to the event, you can check in at the Information booth and see what opportunities are available. 
  • Signup before the event ~ Prior to the event you can sign-up using sign-up. If you would like a specialty position or volunteer as a group, please contact programming@allsfaire.org.
  • If you have a demonstration, game, or activity that you would like to bring to the event, please contact programming@allsfaire.org.

Volunteer Perks

  • Core Volunteers ~ Volunteers that are primarily at the event to work and put in a lot of shifts will not pay an event fee. Contact us prior to the event if you wish to be a core Volunteer for more details.
  • Meals ~ We provide a meal after each shift worked. The meal varies from a sack lunch to meal tickets based on the shift and if the kitchen is open.  The takedown crew will be taken out to dinner after the work is done as a special perk.
  • Auction ~ Volunteers earn raffles tickets for each hour worked and can bid on items donated by vendors, sponsors, and the event. The auction takes place at 4pm on Sunday and you must be present to win. 


Volunteer Positions

The following positions are entry-level and available to members of our eventing community.  Mature children are encouraged to volunteer with their parents for appropriate positions. The standard volunteer shift is four hours long.  Volunteers should wear appropriate costumes.

Operations Volunteers ~ Operations is by far the largest pool of people needed to ensure that the event runs smoothly and we count on the flexibility of our volunteers.  During the event, you may be assigned to any of the following positions during your shift.  

  • Gate ~ Greet guests, take fees, hand out parking passes, sign in guests.
  • Security ~ Ensure that attendees are following site rules and identify safety hazards. This is an observe and report position only. In the event of a possible confrontation, a reaction team will be called in to address the problem. Security volunteers will be issued tabards for their shifts.
  • Information Booth ~ Answer questions and give directions to the public.
  • Clean Up Crew ~ Empty full trash cans, replace trash bags, take full trash bags to the dumpster and pick up litter in the public area during the public hours.

Setup/Teardown Crews ~ Setup crew will help with unloading the trucks, marking the parking lot, setting up the vendors area, building the castle, putting up signs and decorations, setting up the kitchen.  Teardown crew will take down the castle, remove decorations and signs, pack the kitchen, pick up parking lot markers, and pack the trucks.

Specialty Volunteers ~ Please contact programming@allsfaire.org if you are interested in working in one of the following areas and the department head will give you more information. 

  • Kitchen Crew ~ Help prepare, cook, serve and clean up in the kitchen. (Food handler’s permit is helpful but nor required)
  • Kid’s Carnival ~ Help run carnival games, crafts, and the Tea Party.
  • Game Masters ~ Our game hall runs games day and night such as D&D. 
  • Tavern Help ~ Clean tables and check ID.
  • Battle Field Safety ~ Help with equipment checking, rule enforcement, and medical.

Please sign up for 2019 Alls Faire!

Here’s how it works in 3 easy steps:
1. Click this link to go to our invitation page on SignUp.com: https://signup.com/login/entry/767009347276010073
2. Enter your email address: (You will NOT need to register an account on SignUp.com)
3. Sign up! Choose your spots – SignUp.com will send you an automated confirmation and reminders. Easy!

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