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We are now accepting applications for goods or services that are appropriate for the genre of the event. If your product would be of interested to our attendees, please apply.

Vendors ~ Please fill out the Vendor Application

Vendor applications are reviewed weekly and you will receive a confirmation upon receipt.

Contact if you have any questions.


Early bird pricing is effective December 1 thru March 31. Prices will increase on April 1. Payments are handled by Morak Events.

Outdoor Booths: Carnival Area

  • Wandering/Blanket: $30/$50
  • Booth 10′ X 10′: $60/$80
  • Booth 10′ X 20′: $80/$100
  • Booth 20′ x 10′: $100/$120
  • Booth 20′ X 20′: $120/$140

Indoor Tables: Lake Building

  • Table 8′ : $60/$80
  • Booth 8′ X 8′: $80/$100

Vendors Types:

  1. Wandering merchants – Travel the event with their wares.
  2. Blanket merchants – Layout small blankets to display their goods in designated areas.
  3. Booth merchants – Outdoor merchants that purchase space as required.
  4. Table merchants – Indoor merchants that purchase space as required.

Booth Requirements:

  1. An attractive appearance with a professional-looking sign.
  2. Vendor is responsible for providing tent, tables, chairs and any other equipment required by them.
  3. Booth may use only designated space, which must contain all guy-wires, stakes, poles etc.
  4. Vendor is responsible for all sales tax, fees, permits, licenses & insurance required to conduct business in the City, County and State in which the events is held.
  5. Booths using flammable materials must provide their own 5-lb. fire extinguisher and tie down for all propane tanks.
  6. Exhibits and concessions must remain open during “public hours” for the duration of the event.
  7. Read and comply with the Vendor Rules.

Additional Information:

  1. Booth prices include One Weekend Event Pass. Purchase an additional event pass for each person staffing the booth.
  2. Fees listed are for a single space for the full event, not a daily rate.
  3. Vendors shall dress appropriately for the theme of the event.
  4. Vendors may camp behind their booth, if there is space available and their camp appearance does not detract from the event. Otherwise, vendors may camp in their outdoor booth or in designated camping areas.

Faire Management reserves the right to limit the space allotted.

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