War Rules

All’s Faire will use the Belegarth rules with the following changes to promote cross-gaming:

  1. Garb: The garb requirement is waived to allow the public and non garb groups to play.
  2. Pinning: Due to the hard ground, fighter may choose to post a leg rather than taking a knee. The fighter must call out “pinned” and may only pivot on the foot as if it was nailed to the ground.
  3. Arrows:
    1. Belegarth Arrows do not require cross-gaming markings and are head legal.
    2. Amtgard arrows must have yellow electrical tape immediately in front of the fletchings.  Amtgard are not head legal.
  4. Duct tape melee weapons must meet Belegarth core and padding requirements and must be taped in a manor that does not cut. For example, no loose flaps, hard edges or in disrepair.
  5. The Perk system will reward volunteers with advantages on the war field (see perks).
  6. There will be no Grappling (3.12) due to a lack of training to the public and cross-gamers.
  7. When a player is defeated they must call out “Dead” and exit the field as quickly as possible with their weapon or hands above their head.



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