Battle Game Equipment Rules

Battle Games allow a wide range of padded weapons covered in latex, cloth, or tape so long as it meets the following requirements:

  • Shall resemble medieval weapons, but may have a fantasy flair 
  • Must be in good repair 
  • Must be able deliver a light hit

Melee Weapons

  1. Must not entangle or pin 
  2. Must not rely on mass and momentum 
  3. Must not have excessive whip 


  1. Shields must be edged to prevent damage to weapons
  2. May not be highly reflective or transparent
  3. Shields may not exceed 30” in diameter. 


  1. Limited to a maximum of 35# at 28” Draw
  2. No compound bows 
  3. Arrow tips must be a minimum of 1.5” in diameter 

Thrown Weapons

  1. Must be padded on all surfaces
  2. Minimum of 6” inches long or 3.5 in diameter.
  3. No point may be smaller than 1.5 in diameter. 


  1. Costumes must be medieval/fantasy based.
  2. Modern clothing is allowed, but must be muted colors without logos
  3. Must not be sharp, entangle weapons, easy broken, or can cause harm if hit.  


  1. Ballistas may not exceed 35 lbs at 28”  and must have a minimum of 2.5” diameter tips.
  2. Rock thrower’s ammo must be a minimum of 6” in diameter and resemble rocks 
  3. Pavise must be set in place, free standing and no larger than eight square feet. 

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