Battle Games Guild for Parents

The Battle Games at All’s Faire is a medieval style sport designed for both youths fourteen and old as well as adults, where we use padded “weapons” to simulate battles.  Players are divided up into teams that have simple objectives such as capture the flag or eliminate the other team. This Q&A is here to address some basic questions parents.

Is the game safe? Yes, the game is safe, but as a parent it is your responsibility to verify if it’s safe for your family.  We will not allow you to advocate your responsibility to evaluate risk with a minor waiver or written guarantee nothing will ever happen in a contact sport. To mitigate risk we only allow hit lighting and promote sportsmanship. The best way to evaluate the game is to come out and watch or play the game yourself.

How are you addressing COVID?  We feel that mental/ physical health issues, anti-social behavior, and other harmful effects caused by the locking down need to be considered when evaluating if you or your family should participate. As a parent is it your responsibility to research the data and evaluate the risks for your family. 

Is the game free? The game is free to play and we provide basic gear while supplies last at no cost.  We host events and workshops outside the standard game that have event fees to cover the cost of those events, but the standard game held in parks is totally free.

What do we need to have to play? We recommend that players wear comfortable footwear with good traction to avoid slipping on grass. We also highly recommend safety glasses, but do have some to lend out to players. If you do not have appropriate costumes we ask that players wear muted colors such as black sweats and t-shirts so that players don’t stand out in pictures. New players that do not have muted colors might ask them to loaner clothing until they can acquire appropriate clothing. 

Why don’t you allow smoking, drinking or drugs? The Battle Games is a family friendly game that is not only a lot of fun to play but also promotes self control and responsible behavior. We have found that people unable to refrain from smoking or attending impaired are counter to our goals and bring an unwanted element to the game.  If you do smoke we ask that you leave the area so not to disturb attendees and are not allowed to return impaired.  

Why don’t you allow vulgar language and harassment? This is a family friendly game that emphasizes self control and as such has a high standard for behavior. We have found that people that cannot control their language also have issues controlling other aspects of their behavior. Harassment comes in many forms from degrading others to being over sensitive and that behavior leads to a toxic environment that is not family friendly. The best rule of thumb is ask yourself if your behavior makes the game fun for a positive community  or just fun for a selfish person.

What if my kids want their own gear? Several companies online and at events sell “larping” gear. Avoid purchasing weapons specified for cosplay only as they are not intended for battle games.There are lots of videos online that teach you how to build your own gear and we hold workshops to teach making weapons in person. Our website has some basic guidelines for what is allowed at our game, and one of the best ways to learn about the game is to ask the event host or seasoned players. 

Do I need to watch my kids? We are not a free daycare and require that parents be active in the game as either a player, volunteer, or at the minimum you stay and watch the game.  Please do not assume that just because other parents are watching the game that you can drop and run. We understand that somewhere between 14 and 17 a legal minor does not need constant parental supervision, and it’s reasonable to expect a sixteen year old that the state trusts to operate an automobile without supervision should be able to play without their parents.  We require the parent to have an emergency plan in place for minors that are mature enough to play, however  unsupervised parents are still one hundred percent responsible for the safety and behavior of their children.  The game host must agree to allowing minors to play on a case by case basis. 

Is this a cult or a gang? Nothing in the game is cult related and in fact we don’t even directly have magic. If a player wants to pretend to be a wizard and throw a yellow javelin as if it’s a lighting spell, they can but pretend only.  We encourage players to form units, but no reasonable person would compare people breaking up into teams as being in a gang. 

What about kids under 14? Some kids are physically, mentally, and emotionally able to play before they are 14, and game hosts may make exceptions for exceptional people. If there is sufficient interest and staff support from parents we can bring short padded swords for a side game for kids under 14, but this must be arranged. 

What if my child has special needs? The game is designed to be open to as many people as possible.  The game can involve a lot of running around, but there are options such as archery  and other creative ways to address mobility challenges. The rules are only a quarter page long and easy to understand.  This is a great place to build social skills for people with minor social challenges, but not well suited for people with violent or destructive behavior issues. 

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