All’s Faire is open to the public on Saturday 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM and Sunday 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM.  Join us for a weekend of Music, Dance, Combat, Kid’s Activities and Shopping.  See the Saturday and Sunday Schedules for times and locations.

War Field

Two opposing castles surrounded by artists, craftsmen and merchants are separated by a field of battle in which might factions compete for dominance. Come watch as the pirates from the Iron Dragon Trading Company intimidate their opponents with a mighty cannon demonstration and great feats of strength from Nordic Strong Men. The final conflict will be settled with a two day castle battle with archers, knights, vikings, and mercenaries from around the land.


Whether it’s been a battle well fought, a treasure now found or a long road traveled. Come celebrate and rest your bones at the Thirsty Siren. Grog, grub and games! Lords, ladies and louts all welcome.

Kid’s Hall

Step out the hot sun and into the fun! The Gaming Hall has activities for all ages as well as live performances for the kids.  You can enjoy open gaming as well as participate in Magic tournaments. You can also enjoy a  fairy tea parties and kids activities or sign up for a large Nerf battles that will take place in near by area.

Training Camp

Learn to be deadly at Byorn’s Battle-Axe Toss or sharpen your skills at our Combat Archery range.  If sword and shield is more of your game, you can join the shield wall drills and prepare for war. 

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